Polyvagal Equine Institute, not just for Trauma

We all deserve to feel safe and connected, and horses can help us get there. In a fractured world where many of us feel isolated, disconnected and lacking a sense of safety, growth, healing and restoration can feel out of reach. This makes it near impossible to access compassion, kindness, and flexible thinking.

Polyvagal Equine Institute offers in-person and virtual workshops, trainings and interventions that help us get unstuck from old patterns, think flexibly, and have effective communication with compassion and kindness.

What it’s all about

Join the herd

Digital Courses

New to the field or simply want to know more? These self-paced courses will put the “giddy-up!” in your step.

Zoom Groups

Want to connect with Dr. Bailey and other passionate equine lovers? Space is extremely limited.

In-Person Workshops

From new hand to seasoned veteran, our fun and engaging workshops are sure to teach you something new.

Our Modality

Connection Focused Therapy® is our multidisciplinary modality and is designed to empower individuals.
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