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The Strength of Moral Character

My story about strength involves one of my miniature horses, named Captain. He is more of a Thelwell pony type, built round and sturdy. He reminds me of a miniature Percheron, which is a breed of large, old world draft horse....

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Fear: Friend or Foe?

Do you ever experience fear? Like the type of fear that just makes you so reluctant to do something because you obsess about what’s going to go wrong, and then that makes you dread it and then you’re mad at yourself...

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The Power of Safety

Safety has always been an important word in trauma work. It is not always clear what creates a sense of safety for one person. It is even harder to detect when and if a person is feeling protected and safe. The very act of...

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Activation vs Triggering

Consider this – you lost a child to a mass shooting and in the aftermath of the tragedy, you are referred to a therapist who repeatedly uses the word trigger to explain your reactions. Hmm… something to think about. That...

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Breathe is the simplest and most important word in the English language. The word breathe incites eye rolls in many of my clients. The thing about breathing is, of course, we all do it, but most of us put minimal effort into...

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Climate Change

To be clear, I am not an environmental scientist and this is not about the important topic of saving the Earth. The climate change I am talking about is the need for a climate change from anger to kindness. The last few years...

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