From our perspective, everyone can benefit from the lessons learned by connecting and learning from horses. When polyvagal informed concepts are combined with equine interventions, the opportunity to reach even more people, professionals, and communities increases. Our programs have assisted many groups, including judicial workers, law enforcement providers, a variety of mental health professionals, and communities looking to enrich their relationships with each other.

From a treatment perspective, our approach has been utilized to support the healing of survivors of traumatic experiences and complex cases, allowing them to begin and continue the road to recovery. By experiencing and learning the awareness that contributes to self-regulation, and in the words of Deb Dana, a skill set that allows for “befriending your nervous system”. By learning to understand and truly experience our nervous systems workplace and home environments become healthier and happier.

Complex populations where highly dysregulated populations often reside can be especially challenging. Grief and chaos often add to dysregulation, which can impede problem-solving and growth. Workplaces, families, and individuals benefit from being in an environment practicing and learning how to problem solve and communicate in, a manner conducive to calm problem-solving and compassionate connections.